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Buy Your Way

Make money at the closing table when you Buy Your Way


Not only can you Sell Your Way, but you can also Buy Your Way.  When you buy with us, you make money at the closing table.  We give back part of our commission to you when you purchase with us. That's get part of our commission for doing business with us.  Just think what you can do with that savings?

  •  Put it towards your down payment

  •  Pay down that mortgage

  •  Buy furnishings

  •  Add a feature to your home

  •  Go on Vacation!


What you receive when you buy:

  •  Experienced Broker (over 25 years experience)

  •  Negotiations on your behalf

  •  Market knowledge and Information on neighborhoods 

  •  Comparative Market Analysis

  •  Financing references

  •  Tireless service until we have found the right home for you.

  • We have vetted financial professionals to share with you

  • We will help you get approved before making offers, putting you in the best position

  • We have programs to help pay for your closing cost "rules may apply"

  • Finance Advice - Trusted mortgage brokers help you to determine the best loan packages for your unique situation


Before you go out to look at properties with a Realtor, do some preparation first.  A smart Realtor will ask you important questions to see if you are ready and able to purchase a home.  The Realtors association has provided us valuable tips on how to prepare to buy your home.  Take a look at this preparation sheet designed for buyers just like you at Sell Your Way, we can help you make the right choices and get you on your way to purchasing the home that is right for you.

It is important to ask a lender the right questions to determine if they offer the right loan for your unique situation. So what questions do you ask?  As a professional Realtor, I am supplied with valuable information from the Realtor's Association to help you ask those important questions when looking for financing.

Not everyone understands or knows what their credit score is. This is a good time to investigate your credit score and learn how to improve your credit.  The Realtor's Association has provided informational sheets to help you, the buyer, find out more about how to improve and understand your credit.  

There is more to consider when searching for a home than just getting your financing in order.  Buying a home can be an emotional experience, sometimes overwhelming buyers with one of the most important decisions of their lives.  Your home purchase is more than likely the largest investment of your lifetime. With this in mind, make sure you are making the right decision for you.  The right time to buy is one element to consider. Market trends in Real Estate move slowly, so if it is time for you to buy, you may not want to put too much on the market. It may take years to swing one way or another. But, one area of utmost importance is that the location works for you, and the specifics of the homework best for your lifestyle.  Take time to write down the top 5 must-haves in a home.  Realistically, you will not get all of the things you desire in a home, but knowing your top 5 will keep you focused on our search.  

Start looking at neighborhoods to consider which ones best match your lifestyle and best-suited location. Research schools if these are important.  See how close the home is to areas of town you frequent most, but also consider you may be hanging out in new places, near your new home.  Charleston offers so many wonderful areas to live, check out Sell Your Way brochure, "Charleston Bound"  and discover all that Charleston has to offer. 

How Our Buyer Bucks Program Works

South Carolina law allows Realtors to give back part of their commission to a buyer at closing.  There are certain qualifiers for how much can be given at closing, determined primarily by the financing institution tied to the property. This is an important question to ask your lender, to make sure you are allowed these extra dollars at closing.  

If you buy through Sell Your Way, you are awarded part of the buyer agent's commission at closing. This  equates to thousands of dollars back to you the buyer.  Sell Your Way is owned and operated with the buyer in mind, not just the agency.  We look forward to sharing our rewards with you and continuing to work with you on your real estate endeavors.  By serving you well, we realize you are more likely to refer our services to your friends and family. 

Just imagine the possibilities you will have with the money that comes back to you at closing. Here are just a few inspirations:

  • Put in a better offer, beating out competing offers.  

  • This money may be used to help with your down payment, giving you the advantage of possibly affording more home.

  • You know that a new house may just need some new furnishings or paint.  

  • Maybe you forgot about the moving company....this money can provide a free move for you

  • Buying a home can be an emotional experience, maybe it is time for a Vacation!

Whatever you decide to do with your money is up to you! We at Sell Your Way are happy to save these savings to our buyers.

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